Taking Time

The hustle of everyday life can take us far away from ourselves. We have millions of thoughts about work, family, deadlines, debt, grievances, money and more. Each is connected to the other. The amazing thing about life is that all of our happiness and troubles are connected. We have a certain amount of time in... Continue Reading →

Going back to College

College is a huge part of life. Whether its the decision to go or not to go, its a huge ask of our younger generation. I never knew what I wanted to be growing up. One week it was a doctor, then a vet, then I wanted to be a writer and artist even a... Continue Reading →

Getting stuck in Retail

Whether you were just fresh out of college needing a few bucks before you reach your dream potential, or college was never the way for you and you wanted to make it on your own early on. The point is the British retail sector alone employs over 3 million people, of which 52% are female and almost... Continue Reading →

A Short Introduction

The Beginning Many a blog has been started before. I'm sure countless addresses that are linked up to many an email that no longer works, lay out there in the beyond that is the internet. The wide wide web, in which we all surf for our new spring-line clothing, unending life advice even a gift or... Continue Reading →

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